Montego Bay Case Study

Montego Bay Case Study

As leaders, it is important to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. People are

the center of everything we strive to achieve as an organization. It is vital to our strategy that

we attract and engage, only the best, motivated people who could create the Montego Bay

spirit and have the potential and drive to grow with the business.

Theresa Daley the Operation Directors for Montego Bay is appointed to help improve

productivity and reduce payroll costs. Theresa meets with the store manager Mahoney to

discuss implementing a computerized scheduling system in the store for six months to see if it

will help. This seems to work very well and shows in the success of how the new system. The

system automatically generated work schedules based solely on performance metrics. Sales

were up 2.8 percent and labor costs were down 5 % at the end of the six-month trial.

Managers must organize everything in a way and plan ahead to create and maintains a

healthy organizational culture and makes everyone work together at achieving a common

goal. When it comes to achieving a common goal in an organization such as Montego Bay

there must be a distinct difference between recognizing the role of management versus

leadership. One of the biggest differences between leaders and managers is the way they the

motivate people to do their work or follow them. A leader sets forth a vision or route for

everyone to follow where as a manager actually controls and directs the team. The managers

are paid to make sure things get done and they have authority to do something about it if it

doesn’t. If Montego Bay just had managers without leadership that would mean things would

get done, but no new ideas would ever be developed. Things from new marketing strategies

to just making its a more fun exciting place and finding new ways to bring in new customers.

This would hurt the business success because people would just get bored or sick of the same

things over and over. Having a leader helps with initiating new ideas so this does not happen.


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