MS 3010 To what extent can it be argued that blogs encourage active citizens?

MS 3010 To what extent can it be argued that blogs encourage active citizens?

Blogs and their Influence on Modern-age Active Citizenship

The role of new technology platforms in the information, communication and technology field, has become a widely discussed issue especially on the way they have affected how people relate to each other and to the society socially, economically and politically. The speed and level of impact are, however, marveling with technology changing and improving on a day to day basis (Baringhorst et al., 2009). Within the many new technologies that have been discovered in the modern age especially among the online tools, one has shown to hold a singular strong position in the high media saturated world. The contemporary world, also referred to as the ‘information society’, has shown a strong liking for weblogs or in usual term blogs (Zuniga, 2009). The most attached and discussed roles of this online platform has been its significance as a modern mechanism for information (world-wide), in providing real time information and as a resource for mobilization of people (especially in demonstrations by aggrieved citizens) (Considine, 2009).

They facilitate discussion among individuals across time and space in the world since they are easily accessible to any individual with a web connection. The hyperlink structure of the blogs promotes an interconnected info-sharing in a multiple-to-multiple communication setup (Zuniga, 2009). Blogs are mostly set up in a way that the users are enabled to post comments on the problem and then they can also make comments on other individuals’ comments improving the level of interaction in the blogging sphere. The potential of internet tools (Such as blogs, RSS feeds, and social networking) in destabilizing traditional top-down authority relations in most democracies has been shown in research (Petray and Halbert, 2012). There are also the described possibilities for enlarging the democratization space with a shown ability to network, building communities across vast geographies.


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