NR 443 Guidelines for Caring for Populations: Community Outreach

NR 443 Guidelines for Caring for Populations: Community Outreach


The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to develop a community health nursing flyer that

will be utilized for community outreach. It is the basis for your proposed intervention in the final assignment.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

4. Evaluate effective communication with client populations and healthcare providers in managing the

healthcare of individuals, families, aggregates, and communities. (PO # 3)

6. Recognize effective nursing skills and collaborative techniques used with consumers and other health

care providers within all levels of health care. (PO #2)

8. Incorporate evidence-based practice in the planning of professional nursing care to individuals, families,

aggregates, and communities. (PO #8)


Submit to the appropriate Dropbox in the tab DROP BOX by 11:59 pm MT Sunday of Week 4.



You are a Community/Public Health Nurse (C/PHN) working in your setting of choice. You have identified a

community health problem from the Caring for Populations: Assessment and Diagnosis assignment, and you

need input from aggregates in your community regarding what type of nursing intervention would be most

beneficial. You know that speaking to members in your community will enhance your understanding of the

problem and give you ideas of specific solutions for your community. You need to create a flyer that will bring

these community members into your focus group. You want to reach out to your target audience by

distributing your flyer to local organizations such as schools, churches, physician offices, hospitals, health

departments, grocery stores, etc.


This flyer is expected to be one page in length and the summary is to be one page in length. Below are

the requirements needed for successful completion of this assignment.

 Choose a community health nurse setting. Some examples are school nurse, parish nurse, home

health nurse, nurse working in the health department (specify the area in the health department,

e.g., WIC, STD clinic, health promotion, maternal-child health, etc.)

 Your goal is to get as many people to attend your focus group as possible.

 Keep in mind your target audience:

o Elderly?

o Parents?

o Disabled?

Chamberlain College of NursingNR443 Community Health Nursing

NR 443 Guidelines: Community Outreach.docx updated 2/21/2022 mm 2

o Or someone else?

 This will impact your flyer in ways such as font sizing, pictures, benefits for the

attendee and more.

 Make sure to include on your flyer:

o Who you want to attend (to whom you are reaching out)

o When the focus group will be held

o Where (keep in mind location and transportation)

o Why a person should attend. What are the benefits for the attendee? Examples include

safer streets, less violence, or even refreshments or a free gift. Incentives are a great way to

bring people in.

o What is the purpose of the flyer (focus group)

 Make your flyer visually appealing

o Keep in mind the amount of graphics and colors

 Complete a 1 page summary about your flyer. The summary should include:

o Target audience and why

o Why you chose the location

o Where the flyer will be distributed and why

o What information you want from the focus group

o What are the benefits for the attendee

o Include at least one scholarly reference that supports your reasoning.


 Application: Use Microsoft Word 2007 or PowerPoint 2007 for the flyer. The summary must be in

Microsoft Word 2007.

 Number of files: You will submit two separate files to the Dropbox; one will be the flyer and the other

will be the one-page summary with a title and reference page.

 Length: The assignment is expected to be a one-page flyer and a one-page summary for a total of

two pages (not including the title and reference page for the summary).

 Submission: Submit each file to the appropriate basket in the Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. Sunday of

Week 4.

 Title: Include your last name in file title(s). This is extremely important since the flyer will not contain

names. Please label each as the “flyer” or the “summary.” Example: “Smith Community Outreach

flyer” or “Smith Community Outreach summary”

 Technical Writing: APA format is required.

 Late Submission: See course policy on late submissions.

 Microsoft Office has online assistance for templates and creating flyers


The following are best practices in preparing this assignment:

 Be creative, but realistic with your flyer.

 Review directions thoroughly.

 Make sure you cover all areas mentioned in the directions and grading rubric.

 Cite all sources within the summary as well as in the reference page. The summary will be

one page not including the reference page. The reference page should be on a separate


 Proofread prior to final submission.

 Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.

 Abide by the CCN academic integrity policy.


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