NUR 222 Health Law and Ethics- Case study

NUR 222 Health Law and Ethics- Case study

You will prepare an audio presentation using the example available on Blackboard as a guide.
The audio presentation will be ten minutes long and will address legal and ethical principles related to a provided case study. You are to present the audio presentation as a media report (like the Health Report example provided). You will also prepare a 3-page written summary of the selected case. The report and the written summary need to consider and draw on sources of relevant legal and ethical theory, professional codes, standards and guidelines. You need to discuss the application of principles to clinical practice and make conclusions based on your analysis of the case
• application of key legislation relevant to the case study
• application of ethical issues/theory relevant to the case study
• application of ethical decision making
• evidence of conclusions made based on analysis
• citation and referencing of sources using Harvard style referencing
• clarity and structure of information provided in the audio presentation
• written communication structure and expression in the summary

Case study for Nursing students
Victoria is a 67-year-old woman of Polish descent. She moved to Australia approximately 25 years ago with her family. Her husband died 10 years ago, and she has regular contact with her 4 children who are now adults raising their families. Approximately 3 weeks ago Victoria began to behave in an unusual manner, wandering through her house at night, refusing to eat and convinced that there were cameras inside the television that were monitoring her movements. Following a referral from the GP, the community mental health services team assessed her at home and deemed it necessary to admit her for further assessment within an acute mental health inpatient hospital setting.
She has been in the ward for approximately 4 days and is receiving care as a voluntary consumer. During this time she has been isolated, withdrawn and appears frightened of events and interactions around her. Although she has been generally cooperative with staff, this morning she appears to be non-compliant with staff requests to take her medication that consists of a small dose of an antipsychotic and her regular antihypertensive medication. When staff gently request that she take her tablets she begins to lash out, thrashing and physically hitting the nurses; yelling that they are trying to hurt her and take her money.
Due to the risk of Victoria’s behaviour on her physical safety and the safety of others, it is decided that her legal status should be reviewed under the Mental Health Act and that she should receive intramuscular sedation.
Before Victoria is reviewed, a phone order of medication is given to administer a sedative. The team leader directs that the sedation be given without Victoria’s consent due to the possible risk of her hurting herself and others. This directive is completed. During this time the process is noisy and disruptive to the ward and one nurse sustains a laceration to her arm while trying to restrain Victoria.
Other patients are visibly upset by this action and one mentions that it is barbaric and they are going to report the nursing staff to the NMBA.
Your focus should be on the ethical and legal requirements discussed throughout this course. Pay attention to workplace health and safety, legal and ethical requirements, law surrounding decision making and consent. Using the legal and ethical decision-making framework identify and justify the care that will be provided to Victoria. What are your legal and ethical responsibilities and what professional standards and codes need to be considered?


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