NUR 222 legal and ethical responsibilities for nurses and accountabilities in practice

NUR 222 legal and ethical responsibilities for nurses and accountabilities in practice

Nurses have legal and ethical responsibilities and accountabilities in practice. The goal of this assessment is to apply your understanding of ethical and legal principles and requirements to the roles and responsibilities of nurses.
Written assignment – short answers to a total of 2000 words.
You will be required to develop short answer responses to set case studies. Your responses will draw on theory, legislation, professional codes and practice standards. You will also provide a reflection based on your experience.
• Knowledge of key legislation professional codes, standards and guidelines relevant to practice
• Knowledge of ethical principles and professional codes, standards and guidelines relevant to practice
• Evidence of reflection from experience
• Use and citation of sources using Harvard style referencing
• Structure/clarity of written expression

In this task you are asked to respond to the three scenarios presented below. Within your response to each case you are must consider:

  1. The legal requirements for student nurses and registered nurses.
  2. The implications for the health facility and/or education provider if required for each of the cases.
  3. Your reflection of life experiences (you do not have to have experienced any of these specific incidents). Think about difficult situations you have encountered in the past, your ethical stance and how this will inform your discussion on how easy or difficult it will be to meet the requirements for each of the cases.

Case 1
You are on placement with another student in a surgical ward at a large acute hospital. One day, the other student appears to be struggling with some tasks and you ask them if they are ok. They reply that they have had a back problem for a while and it usually doesn’t cause a problem, but were playing sport the night before and hurt their leg and back. Currently they are unable to undertake many physical aspects of care and are slow to move around the ward and are getting behind on their work which is impacting on the care of patients. The next day they attend placement again and they are clearly worse physically and appear not as mentally sharp as usual. You again ask them if they are ok, they state they are worse and have had to take narcotic analgesia to settle their pain. You suggest that they should not be there but they reply that they must get through this placement as they cannot afford to repeat the placement later and will fail the course and drop out of uni. They ask you to help cover for them when they cannot complete tasks. You are concerned that they may do further harm to themselves and that their situation may impact on your placement.


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