NURS 5123 Nursing Informatics – Patients using the internet to access medical information

NURS 5123 Nursing Informatics – Patients using the internet to access medical information

Lesson Plan Template

Below is a basic format for a lesson plan:

1. Select a topic:

2. Title:

3. Objectives:

4. Teaching Strategies/Theory:

5. Materials:

6. Outline:

7. Planned assessment of learning:

8. Special modifications, if any:

A few thoughts for preparing the lesson plan:

Select a topic:

Make sure this is something that interests you. You have a great deal of latitude in this

class so there should be something of interest to you for every presentation. If you have

trouble identifying a topic for one of your presentation, please let’s visit.


A title is not necessary for every presentation, but it is for professional presentations at a

conference. I like to make the first part of the title “catchy” followed by a brief

description of the presentation.


There are generally 3-4 objectives per presentation. If you struggle with this aspect of the

plan, you may want to write the objective after the outline. Most books indicate that the

objectives should frame the presentation, so they need to be written first. Writing

objective can be difficult at times, so use the following link as a reference for a list of

measurable verbs according to Bloom’s New Taxonomy:

Teaching Strategies/Theory:

List here the strategy or strategies you plan to use for the presentation. Again, knowing

the theory you are using helps frame the presentation.


The list of materials should be comprehensive enough so if you were not able to do the

presentation and a colleague had to do it for you, your colleague would know exactly

what to bring to the presentation, down to the color of marker(s) and type of tape.


Again, the level of detail in the outline needs to be specific enough so a colleague could

present from the outline. I have known some colleagues who can lecture from the

briefest of outlines. Let’s leave that approach to the pros and develop an outline that is

pretty specific. If you are using a PowerPoint presentation, you can attach the outline

from the presentation and not create work for yourself. If you elect to do this, which I

would recommend, make sure the headings on your slides are appropriate for an outline.

This requires the organization the both texts talk about. Don’t forget the introduction and


Planned assessment of learning:

This is a tough section and requires some thinking ahead. Ask yourself how will I as the

faculty member know the learners have learned? This section must correlate directly to

the objectives. For instance: If one of your objectives is to have the learner describe

something, then the planned assessment of learning has to include an accounting of the

learners describing something. So, your planned assessment may be questioning and the

questions would need to be listed in this section.

Special modifications, if any:

Here is where you would list any alterations that the faculty member may need to make

for any special populations. For instance, if I am dealing with older adults, you would

need to modify font size and use a white background and black type. For children, you

might want to make accommodations using simplistic terms and primary colors for the

presentation background.


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