Obesity and Its Relationship to Marketing Practices

Obesity and Its Relationship to Marketing Practices

Describe a contemporary issue in terms of its relationship with Marketing practices and theory.

 Part 2: 1000 Words.

Produce a table of 8 or more publications that are relevant to your chosen issue. The table may include references to media sources [print and online], academic publications [journal and conference papers, books] and professional journals. You must include at least two key journal articles.

An example of the table format is attached, where you will see the key headings for each journal article are:

•         Author(s) and year of publication [Full details in references section].

•         Issue focus or point of view offered

•         Link or reference made in the article to other sources and / or points of view.

•         Key outcome or message offered, perhaps contained in its concluding comment.

As a guideline you should allocate 50 to 150 words per article tabled.

Part 3: 200 words

Conclude with a summary overview of what your literature review has revealed.  This may take the form of identifying contrasting and / or common views, gaps in issues / perspectives and recommendation[s] for the focus of further study and action.

In the recent past, obesity has become an immense contemporary public health issue due to the implication it has on the society. It afflicts both the child’s population and the adults within most-developed countries including Europe and American nations among other global players (Council of communications and Media, 2011). Within the United Kingdom, for example, the obesity occurrence has been rising periodically and in the year 2012/13 men reported a 24.4% occurrence rate, women had a 25.1% while children’s obesity was at 18.9% in the lower strata (Eastwood, 2014). While previously the significant food associated apprehensions have mostly been linked to the nutrition benefits, effects of dieting and the anorexia condition, and dental health the current immense concern especially in the UK in conjunction with other western societies is the rise in obesity (Livingstone, 2005).


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