Pain Coping Strategies in Children affected by Sickle Cell Disease

Pain Coping Strategies in Children affected by Sickle Cell Disease

You should have an introductory paragraph, a paragraph that provides a brief overview of the article you summarized, a paragraph for each of the topics listed in the essay instructions, and a concluding paragraph (The use of a first person, I, is okay for this assignment).

Sickle cell disease, otherwise abbreviated as SCD, is a genetic abnormality leading to a plethora of acute and chronic health challenges. The most depicted severe occurrence is episodes of repetitive pain (Gil et al., 1997). Symptoms’ onset age and the associated frequency period of aching episodes have been reported to vary within patients. Children experience severe pain from an early age, with frequent occurrences appearing over their life even into adulthood. Clinical practitioners deduct that the pain report in patients afflicted by the disease reflects an underlying harmful stimulus (ischemia associated with intravascular sickling). Research data indicates that coping strategies, especially cognitive and behavioral, are paramount predictors of pain reporting; they have applicability in healthcare management and psychosocial improvement in children afflicted by SCD. In clinical practice, professional judgment has remained the single tool available in the endeavor to interpret the SCD condition’s characteristics. It incorporates the patient’s verbal pain report that also includes underlying noxious stimulus versus the understanding of pain-stimulation mechanism (Gil et al., 1997).

The study summary provides skills applicable in the treatment of children afflicted by sickle cell disease, through emphasis of combining drugs and psychiatric care to help the patients cope better with frequent pain.


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