Personal Counseling Theory

Personal Counseling Theory

The purpose of this assignment is to allow students an opportunity to begin the development of a
personal counseling theory. Personal counseling theories play a major role in determining one’s
professional identify. The personal counseling theory helps counselors identify the collection of
interventions they will use in working with clients or students. Determining a personal counseling
theory is a complex process and involves knowledge of existing counseling theories and interventions.
There are many steps in the development of the personal counseling theory. We will begin this process
by studying and discussing some of the major theories in counseling. The discussions will help you
conceptualize your own theory.
Take a moment to read a blog from a counselor that captures the purpose of the process that we are
During each class session, we will review and further delineate the outline.

Outline for Personal Counseling Theory Paper

I. Title Page
II. Introduction
a. Describe the process by which you developed your theory
b. Include information about your own thoughts and beliefs that led to your PCT
c. Pique the reader’s interest in your PCT
III. Population and Setting
a. Describe the population you hope to serve
b. Discuss the setting you hope to work in
IV. Nature of Human Beings
V. Manner Whereby Human Nature Changes
VI. Key Theories Concepts that Align with Your PCT
VII. Counseling Processes or Techniques to be Used
VIII. Evaluation and Assessment Process
IX. Environment You Create
X. Limitations of the PCT
XI. Strengths of the PCT
XII. Conclusion and Final Thoughts
XIII. References

Three theories align with my PCT. These include the person-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Carl Rogers’ person-centered therapy is based on the assumption that people have the capability to understand their own problems and resolve them without the therapist’s direct intervention (Wedding, 2010). According to cognitive behavior therapy, psychological problems are caused by the way people interpret situations and events. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the client’s past experiences, desires, and emotional expression (Castonguay & Hill, 2012).


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