Port Improvement Plan Port of Los Angeles

Port Improvement Plan Port of Los Angeles

Using the attached previously completed outline develop a Port Improvement Plan (PIP) Presentation. Presentation must follow template and outline. Include photos and graphs as necessary. Do not include any secure, confidential or private information in your plan. The PIP should include background about the port, its products and services, markets, and strategies (e.g., green port). Also describe its current freight flows and future freight flows after implementation of one or more of your recommended improvement projects would be executed. Use a multi-year planning horizon. Must be in professional style.

Instructor provided feedback on the outline that the sections were good but need more detail included.

Template for PIP

1.Background information about the port: industry classification; markets, location, number of employees, products & services, suppliers, other pertinent information

2.What are the port’s strategic goals?

3.What are the strengths of the port?

4.What are the weaknesses of the port?

5.What metrics does the port utilize?

6.What improvement initiatives and innovations has it implemented?

7.What improvement initiatives and innovations should it consider?

8.What should be the next step be to improve the port?

9.Provide data from the case to support your conclusions as necessary.  Compare your supply chain to an exemplar, standard, benchmark, or best practice.

The Port of Los Angeles is the primary entrance point for foreign trade. It is in San Pedro Bay, 25 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. This prosperous harbor not only maintains its edge over its competitors with record-breaking cargo handling, but it is also known for significant environmental initiatives, vigorous measures to improve safety, a variety of recreational and educational offices, and the expanding Los Angeles waterfront (Cannon, 2015). The Port of Los Angeles comprises 7,500 acres of land and waterways with a total length of 43 miles of shoreline. It has 27 passengers and loading terminals, including stockroom offices, multi-use, fluid and dry mass, holder, break-bulk, and vehicle, and handles billions of dollars in shipments each year


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