Pros of Gun Control

Pros of Gun Control

1. Easy access to guns has proved to be unsafe and has resulted to an increase of gun-related

crime such as homicides and suicides. Therefore, more stringent gun ownership and use

regulations will reduce gun-related crime such as suicides and homicides. Out of all the

deaths that result from gun wounds, less than 5% of them are caused by accidental


2. Evidence available shows that most of the mass killings taking place in the U.S have been

committed using legal weapons. Prime examples of the mass murders that have taken

place over the last few years include:

 The Virginia Tech mass murder that occurred in 2007 which claimed the lives of

32 students and teachers,

 The 1999 shootings at Columbine High School that left 13 students and teachers

dead and,

 Aurora theater shooting among others

3. Arming the whole country is not only unreasonable but also inimical to the country’s

homeland security interests. Therefore, strict gun laws are critical because:

 The society requires reasonable gun control legislation. The federal, as well as,

state and county governments pass laws that can facilitate protection and defense

of the people and their properties without fear, favor or contradiction.

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 Under-regulation of guns thus exposes the U.S citizens to unreasonable and

unacceptable risk.

 Hitherto, studies have shown that a considerable number of American citizens feel

endangered because there are many people within their neighborhood who carry

guns. Furthermore, a majority would like ordinary citizens barred from taking

guns into public places such as schools, stadiums, hospitals, colleges, and

religious houses.

 In short, U.S citizens have an inalienable right to be protected from all kinds of

danger including dangers associated with allowing citizens to own and use guns.

4. Finally, stringent gun control laws can be enacted because the American Constitution

does not give individual gun rights. Constitutional scholars almost unanimously agree

that the Second Amendment of the constitution does not explicitly talk about the right of

individuals to own guns. This amendment only provides collective right to states to keep

armed forces.


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