PSY350 Discuss all of the symptoms/criteria for Schizophrenia

PSY350 Discuss all of the symptoms/criteria for Schizophrenia

The goal of this assignment is to get you thinking in detail about at least one of the

disorders in our textbook, including how that disorder might manifest – or at least

how it might be portrayed in the media. You should select a disorder of interest to

you and one that you believe has been portrayed by a character in a movie, book,

play, etc. Do not choose yourself or someone you know personally. The character

should be someone in the public domain that others could research and learn about,

if they were unfamiliar with the character. Once you have selected your character

and disorder, discuss the symptoms of the disorder (do not copy directly from the

book or the DSM) and why you believe your selected character meets criteria for

this disorder (or why you realized they do not, after close examination). Is this

character typical of individuals with the disorder? Discuss the etiology of your

selected disorder and the kinds of intervention(s) that might be used to treat the



1. Select a disorder that we have covered in class. Discuss all of the

symptoms/criteria for this disorder in your own words. This should take between

0.5 and 1.5 pages.

2. Select a character that you believe might have this disorder. Describe this

character in enough detail that someone who is unfamiliar with the book, movie,

etc. has a good idea about who this character is (general personality traits, common

behaviors, important relationships, job and family life, etc.) This should take

approximately 1 typed page.

3. Explain why you believe that your selected character has your chosen disorder, or

why you realized they do not). Is your character typical of those with this disorder

(e.g, core symptoms, age and age at onset, gender, course, etc.). This should take

approximately 1 page.

4. Discuss, based on research, what we know about the etiology of your selected

disorder. This should take 0.5 to 1 page.

5. Discuss, again based on research, what kinds of interventions might be used to

treat this disorder. This should take approximately 0.5 to 1 page, for most disorders.


Points possible Points earned

Appropriate Disorder (covered in current section of the class) 5

Discussed all symptoms in your own words 20

Selected and described a public character 10

Rationale for character having (or not having) selected disorder 20

How does character compare with “typical” case? 5

Discussion of etiology 15

Discussion of treatment 15

Spelling, grammar, style, length 10


SOURCES TO BE USED: Textbook: Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (5th

Edition by V. Mark Durand & David H. Barlow)

DSM-IV- Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders


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