PSY6210 _ Record the diagnosis you would give Marvin

PSY6210 _ Record the diagnosis you would give Marvin

Review the Case Study of Marvin. Using the medical illness you choose to write about in this unit’s first discussion, respond to the following: How would this specific medical condition or illness be likely to impact or interact with Marvin’s described anxiety symptoms and obsessive-compulsive symptoms? How would you sort out (understand) the differential impacts of the two conditions (obsessive-compulsive disorder, as opposed to the medical condition you chose)? Would you still make a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder if you found that Marvin also suffered from this disorder? How do you differentiate Marvin’s obsessive-compulsive symptoms between the related diagnoses of: Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Defend your answer. Record the diagnosis you would give Marvin if he clearly displays this medical condition in addition to his anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Review the Case Study Response Guide to assist you with this discussion.

Marvin is a 32-year-old, married, Caucasian male who comes from a family with political

connections and moderate wealth. The family money has been spent on various things, some

frivolous and some not. He and his wife have two sons in elementary school. Marvin has been

in and out of psychotherapy since he was about 18 years old. He graduated from a prestigious

university with a degree in math and physics, but he has not been able to use his education

for more than a short time in a variety of jobs. His wife teaches school. Marvin has come to

see a psychologist for his problems.

During the interview, Marvin seems to exhibit some shame about himself. He says he is a

house husband because his psychopathology precludes success in gainful employment. He

reports a number of symptoms, including feeling very anxious if he steps on gum that

someone has thrown on the ground, if he has something sticky on his hands, and if he must

handle cigarettes or something with a cigarette logo on it. His children are unable to invite

other kids to the house because Marvin becomes too uncomfortable. Marvin cannot stand

touching or being around school books or library books. He has been unable to use self-

service gas pumps because of the anxiety he feels. If he leaves the house, before he can

reenter, he must undress and then wash the clothes he wore while outside of the house. Much

of the time he keeps the blinds closed and the house dark.


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