PSYCH 4453 Adolescent Development _ Integrated Career Counseling for First Generation Post- secondary Students

PSYCH 4453 Adolescent Development _ Integrated Career Counseling for First Generation Post- secondary Students.

You have recently been hired as a counselor for the newly opened National Educational Opportunity Center (NEO) at East Central University for the low incomefirst generation postsecondary students.The NEO Program has received a substantial $250,000 grant from the federal government to develop and implement a career, advising and counseling program to achieve a better life and quality education,to successfully complete degrees and to pursue satisfying careers.  Your Director has asked you todesign a program to assist these students by providing supportive services and the encouragement needed to enter or re-enter vocational schools or a 2- or 4-year college.

Use appropriate section heading and subheading in this term paper (See scoring rubric as a guide).   Points will be taken off for not using headings. 

In executing this assignment, you need to address ALLof the following:

  • A brief introduction
  • Discuss the rationale for a comprehensive career development and supportive services program for these students. What are some of the special needs of this group of clients? Why do you think you need to incorporate supportive services with career services?Why do you need to implement an integrated and holistic approach to career counseling?In answering the above questions, you will need to include some statistics from previous research on this particular group of students. You will need to include citations in APA style. Make sure citations are included in the References section (not bibliography or work cited!).  See Purdue University’s OWL website: APA 6th Style information:

You will find several articles on the first generation college students but make sure you have relevant literature on post-secondary students. 

  • Include all the stakeholders (administrators, community members& leaders, tribes, others in the work force, etc., etc.) and their specificrole in this career program.
  • Describe the overall goals (2-3) and objectives of this career guidance program.
  • Identify career informal and formal assessment tools (e.g. Skill &Interest inventories) applicable with this particular group. Explain why you would use these particular assessments and what they measure.  Also, include ethical standards you need to be aware of in administering and scoring these inventories.
  • List specific career competencies these post-secondary students need to accomplish to enter or stay in college and workforce.
  • Describe briefly appropriate career guidance activities (e.g. resume writing, auditing specific classes, etc.) you will include and how they are aligned with the above competencies. 
  • Demonstrate how you are going to ensure equitable provision of career guidance services to ALL students, including students with disabilities and from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Discuss how you are going to implement this program and evaluate this program.
  • Explain how you will assess performance outcomes, stakeholders’ roles, community involvement and career resources in the community, including the university.
  • Attach a Calendar of activities for each month (at least for 6 months)


  • Include a cover page (Assignment Topic, Your name and major, and your instructor’s name)
  • 12 point font size, double space
  • 6-8 pages, excluding  cover page
  • Include at least 5 references in APA style.  Note: In text citations need to be included in the references and vice versa.
  • All written work must be saved as a .doc, .docx or, .rtf before uploading to Bb.


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