Psychiatric disorder: Case study

Psychiatric disorder: Case study

Based on the case information what psychiatric disorder(s) seem most likely? Please support your statements with DSM 5 diagnostic criteria and symptoms.
What are your thoughts about the relationship between Diane and Rob? Do you feel that Rob is currently in danger?
Do you feel that she should have custody of her son? Why or why not?
What should the priority be in treatment at this time?
What is her prognosis?

No title page or running header needed. 2 sources,  Harvard 

Discussion 3.1: The Case of Diane
Module 3: Unit 5

Diane is a 30 year old divorced, white, female who presents with complaints of irritability,
anxiety, and confusion. She states that she cannot seem to make decisions about her career,
family, or even where she should live. She spends many nights excessively worrying about her
future to the point that she can’t sleep, becomes restless and tense, and has thought blocking.
At times she will then make impulsive decisions about her life (i.e. apply for numerous jobs,
apply for school, look for apartments, etc. all at the same time). She lives with her mother who
she states “she can’t get along with me!” She is employed as a secretary for an attorney and
feels that she can get a better job. She reports feeling uncomfortable at work because her boss
tells her that she needs to lose weight. She is mildly overweight. She is a high school graduate
and has attempted college 3 times for different careers (quit each time). She married Ken at
age 20 and divorced him at age 22. She dated Rob throughout college, off and on during her
marriage to Ken and continues to date him now (13 years total). She had a son by Rob 1 1⁄2
years ago (while living with her mother). Her son was taken into custody by DCFS 9 months ago
due to reports made by her sister that she was physically abusive to her son. She explains that
she was angry one day at Rob when he was leaving her house for the evening. Rob ignored her
as she was talking to him. When Rob proceeded to drive away, she put her son into the car and
proceeded to follow Rob.

Based on the case of Diane, he most likely diagnoses are bipolar disorder, major depression, and cluster B personality disorder (borderline). e DSM V criteria for diagnosing bipolar disorder are alternation between depression & mania, with manic symptoms such as powerful euphoria which easily morphs into extreme agitation and irritation, overbearing social behavior, hyperactive and impulsive behavior which impairs judgment, heightened goal-oriented activity and psychomotor agitation, and foolish investments.


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