Pulmonary hypertension – Diagnosis and treatment

Pulmonary hypertension – Diagnosis and treatment

Select a clinical topic of interest (pulmonary hypertension) Review a

minimum of three professional nursing journal articles which address current

research (journal articles within 5 years) on diagnosis and/or treatment of this

symptom or diagnosis. Compare and contrast – synthesize the content from the

articles. Use APA format to write a 3 page paper which discusses your findings.

This paper must be written in APA format and have an APA cover and reference


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Evidence Based Practice Synthesis Paper: (25 points)

Select appropriate EBP articles (professional nursing journals; related to chosen

topic (pre-hypertension); provide alternative views or build on the findings of each

other) – 4 points

Format paper according to APA guidelines (cover page, spacing, headings, margins,

font) – 3 points

Reference content appropriately (reference sources within narrative according to

APA format; limit quotes to no more than one per page) –5 points

Reference journal articles (provide reference list according to APA format

regarding spacing, caps, punctuation, indentation) – 3 points

Demonstrate senior level writing in terms of organization, grammar etc.

(introductory and summary paragraphs, organization of content, correct grammar

and punctuation) – 10 points

The article by McGoon & Kane (2009) explores the pathobiologic mechanisms of

pulmonary hypertension such as genetics and cellular and molecular mechanisms. The article

also covers the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension and its clinical manifestations. Approaches

to treatment of the disorder such as prevention, screening high-risk individuals, therapy

optimization for associated diseases, supportive treatment, vascular-targeted intervention and

surgical intervention are also explored. McGoon & Kane (2009) also discuss the types of

vascular-targeted treatments including calcium channel blockers, prostacyclin analogues,

phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and endothelin receptor antagonists. Issues that may make it hard

to manage pulmonary hypertension patients are also discussed. Some of them include angina,

pregnancy, syncope and exercise.


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