Today’s global economy consists of a highly integrated and volatile economic system that is predisposed to adverse effects of a globally-reaching panic. For instance, the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the Great depression of the 1930s are remembered as some of the most devastating financial crises seen in human history.

Globalisation, Global Governance
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1. To what extent was the crisis of Fordism a result of the rise of labour militancy in the advanced capitalist countries from the mid-1960s?
2. How far can East Asia’s rapid post-war development be explained with reference to the region’s favourable geopolitical context?
3. Critically assess the argument that the debt crisis was a result of the corruption of Third World leaders and governments.
4. To what extent has the World Trade Organization aided poor countries’ in achieving economic development?
5. Why is the global financial system prone to repeated crises?
6. To what extent has globalisation led to the emergence of what William Robinson refers to as the “transnational state”?
7. Discuss the notion that the rise of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa is challenging the US hegemonic world order?
8. Critically discuss the argument that the rise of transnational corporations is beneficial to Third World development?
9. Has global neoliberalism led to a ‘race to the bottom’ for the world’s workers

The world has witnessed a long history of sovereign debt crises. Some of the historical examples of this phenomenon are France in the eighteenth century, and Spain in the sixteenth century (Aliber & Kindleberger 2017). Considering that running and expanding an empire was the mainstay of government spending in these eras, the Spanish king would occasionally receive shipments of treasure and bullion from territories that were subject to him.


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