Religions imported from the silk road have after arriving in China been changed almost beyond recognition

“Religions imported from the silk road have after arriving in China been changed almost beyond recognition” Do you agree with the statement? discuss why


This topic asks you to define the religions that have at different historical stages traveled to China and to compare their appearance in China with the form they had at the place and time of their origin. Use the example of one or two of these religions for a discussion of the above statement.
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The Silk Road is a network of trade routes that interconnected the western,

Eastern and Southern Asia with Europe, East and North Africa and the Mediterranean.

These trade routes started being used at around the second century BC in the Han

Dynasty. The routes were both on land and sea. There were sea routes connecting the

Red Sea and India, China, East Africa and Southeast Asia. The countries using the Silk

Road traded various goods. India exported pepper, ivory, precious stones and textiles.

On the other hand, China exported silk, porcelain, tea and spices. The Roman Empire

traded jewels, gold, glassware, silver, carpets and wine. The Silk Road got its name

from the Chinese trade of silk.

The most important good traded along the Silk Road was silk. Religion was also

carried along the Silk Road as traders from different continents engaged in trade.

Religions like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity were spread in



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