Role of Science Teachers in Equipping and Preparing Students for Scientific Literate

Role of Science Teachers in Equipping and Preparing Students for Scientific Literate

Teaching is not an easy task, and it requires teachers to adopt instructional strategies that help engage students in science. Teachers have a huge impact on students’ decision to learn science. As such, research has focused on establishing the teaching approaches and strategies that teachers could use to engage and empower students to learn science. Science teachers play an important role in creating a learning environment that learners enjoy and are confident to express their creative and critical thinking about science-related issues.  Scientific literacy encompasses the knowledge of scientific content, competency and ability to practice scientific methods and habits. Students need to be equipped with scientific language, skills and concepts in order to familiarize themselves with scientific habits in problem -solving and scientific investigation and reporting (Connolly & Begg, 2006). The teaching of science requires teachers to adopt research-based strategies and approaches to empower, engage and create a safe and challenging learning environment for students. This text provides a critical analysis of the approaches and strategies in engaging, challenging and safe teaching in science. The paper focuses on the constructivist approaches used by teachers to teach science and other STEM subjects. Student engagement and empowerment in science plays a key role in promoting scientific knowledge, competence and practice in problem-solving to real-life situations, and the role of the science teachers cannot be ignored. 

The Constructivist Approaches to Science Teaching and the Role of Teachers             Scientific literacy is defined as the “ability to engage with science-related issues…” Equipping and preparing students to express their ideas of science is essential in understanding the world around them. Hicks, MacDonald & Martin (2017) posit that scientific literacy entails four core components; knowledge, concepts, competency, and attitudes.  The role of teachers is to tap on these aspects in order to empower and engage students in learning science.


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