SCI 3010 Environment versus imperative economic development

SCI 3010 Environment versus imperative economic development

Project Overview
– Research and communicate information to answer a specific question on an environmental topic of interest to you. See attached list for topic suggestions.
Topic selection
– Explore a topic by watching a movie, reading an article, or by using your textbook. Formulate a specific question. Then delve deeper. Gather additional information which helps answer your specific question using two more additional credible sources.
– Answer the question by writing a short paper based on what you have learned.
Paper Due Date: See class schedule. Bring hardcopy to class.
Content Requirements
– Formal paper. Well written. Satisfies technical requirements listed in next section.
– A specific question is answered.
– Only credible science information sources are used; e.g., peer reviewed journal articles and legitimate web sites and documentary films (see librarians for help).
– Includes sufficient appropriate scientific detail.
– Demonstrates understanding of the topic and the information presented via:
– logical flow and organization
– concise and precise writing
– presentation of correct, meaningful information
– conclusions are supported
Technical Requirements
– typed, font size 12, double spaced, margins 1” – 1.25″ , title and subheadings
– length: 7 pages 1 cover page
5 content pages (pages numbered)
1 bibliography (citations) page
– 2 or 3 sources; properly cited; web-site addresses complete and accurate
– Use MLA format for in-text citations (
– Evaluation of Writing
– spelling, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, organization
– correct use of in-text citations; references in MLA format
– easy to read/understand; no repetition; high level of scientific detail
Avoid plagiarism. Use MLA web-site to familiarize yourself with plagiarism rules You must reference your source (in-text citation) anytime you ….
– use or refer to someone’s ideas
– reprint any charts, diagrams or pictures
– state any facts you did not previously know and that are not common knowledge
– use exact words (more than 3 in a row) from any source
You must submit your paper to turnitin upon completion. Attach the turnitin ORIGINALITY REPORT to your paper and hand in the hardcopy to me on the due date.

Should the environment be sacrificed and destroyed for the greater imperative of economic development?

The environment in recent years and over the last century has faced a global catastrophe by massive degradation practices as extensive deforestation and massive pollution through liquid and solid wastes deposition with high emissions especially through mining and accidental spillages (Nilsson and Randhem 1).


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