SHA HF 701: Who should develop a Pandemic Preparedness Plan (PPP)?

SHA HF 701: Who should develop a Pandemic Preparedness Plan (PPP)?

a. Part 1: Questions 1-3.

1. What could the leadership of the Diamond Princess—the captain and the company itself—have done

to handle this situation better?

2. Who should develop a Pandemic Preparedness Plan (PPP)? Who will enforce it? The country of port?

The country of ship registry?

3. From an operations standpoint, how could the crew take better care for the passengers without putting

themselves at risk? What structure of contingency planning can be in place to prepare staff and crew for

dire situations?

b. Part 2: Questions 1, 2, 5 & 6.

1. As also shown during the initial quarantine, the treatment of and the safety protocols put in place for

the passengers was vastly different than those for the crew members. Was this justified since the crew

were expected to provide a service to the passengers? Or should there be certain emergency situations

where the customer and service provider relationship is put on hold while professionals step in to help

all of the individuals equally?

2. What was the cruise company doing during this time? How were they communicating with employees

and passengers?

5. How can training of cruise employees be enhanced so that employees themselves are protected in a

time of crisis?

6. What role might the World Health Organization be able to play in a situation like The Diamond

Princess during a time of COVID?

c. Part 3: Questions 1 and 3.

1. Should the cruise line industry be allowed to register in foreign countries when the majority of their

business and operations are conducted elsewhere?

3. Should companies be able to spend government aid money however they want? Or should there

always be stipulations and strings attached that encourage the money to be spent a certain way?

Submission Guidelines

1. Write your answers to the questions in appropriate APA format – a cover page is not needed, however make sure you name is on the file that you submit.


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