Should boys and girls be educated in single-sex schools or classrooms?

Should boys and girls be educated in single-sex schools or classrooms?

The issue of whether boys and girls should learn together or separately is

very controversial. There is a heated debate on whether single-sex or mixed-sex

schools are better. Parents are in a dilemma about the type of school to take

their children to. This has been brought about by various research findings either

favoring or against either of the two types of school. According to the

researchers, the academic performance of students heavily depends on the type

of school that they are in, either single-sex or mixed-sex. Others believe that it is

only the girls who gain from single-sex schools while the boys learn better in a

mixed-sex setting. This discussion intends to shed light on the reasons why

either of the school types is preferred.


Nowadays, many public schools have embraced single-sex education.

This is a new trend that has come up as a result of various findings in favor of

this system. One of the reasons why schools are taking on this concept is

because of research showing that boys and girls learn differently. The research

shows that their brains are different and therefore the way they learn is also

dissimilar. Both sexes use different parts of their brains during learning activities

like reading and listening. For that reason, they process information differently

during learning. Therefore, there is a need to separate them so that the learning

needs of both sexes can be addressed by applying the learning strategies best

suited for each gender. Researchers say that boys and girls have different rates

and ways of grasping concepts and therefore different teaching approaches

should be applied for both sexes (Gurian, Stevens and Daniels 12). In addition,

the researchers feel that some subjects like sex education are also best taught in

same-sex classrooms so that gender specific teaching can be applied.


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