Should the government provide health care?

Should the government provide health care?

Argumentative Essay Outline

One of the body paragraphs should be your refutation to the counter argument (you can put it

in your first paragraph if it is a strong counter argument; put it at the end before the conclusion if

it is a weak counter argument). Aside from that, you need to give me at least three “side-claims”

follow your main claim (your thesis). In your “side-claims,” think about the using of warrants to

strengthen your claims.

I. Introduction

a. Background:

b. Thesis Statement (hypotheses or claim):

II. Body

a. Major Point:

b. Topic Sentence:

c. Evidence:

III. Body

a. Major Point:

b. Topic Sentence:

c. Evidence:

IV. Body

a. Major Point:

b. Topic Sentence:

c. Evidence:

V. Body

a. Major Point:

b. Topic Sentence:

c. Evidence:

VI. Conclusion

a. Summary of your side-claims:

b. Thesis restatement:

VII. References List

a. Create an APA format reference list for your references

**Your argumentative essay needs not to follow the paragraphing of above example. Please set

up paragraph depends on your needs (but at least four body paragraphs).

Requirements for this Assignment:

 At least 5 full, double-spaced pages of written text.

 Reference at least four sources. (Sources should be scholarly).

 It must follow APA formatting guidelines.

Steps to Follow:

 Begin by choosing a general subject. This subject should be something interesting to

you, but not something you have researched before.

 Conduct some preliminary research in order to get an idea of what about this topic is

currently being debated. CQ researcher is a good resource for this kind of preliminary


 Narrow your topic into a more manageable research question.

 Start conducting library research. Remember to keep detailed records of your research.

Also remember to pay attention to whether or not a source is scholarly. Remember,

scholarly sources are written by scholars for scholarly purposes. Whether a source

is scholarly or popular, make sure to evaluate your sources for authorship, agenda, and


 As you research, you should form your own opinion. In other words, based on your

research, what do you think about your research question?

 Whatever you choose to focus on, your essay should have a focused and disputable

thesis statement. Your thesis statement will need to make a claim.

 To support your claim, use your sources. You should provide a brief summary of

every source you use. When you quote or paraphrase from your sources, you must

frame your evidence.


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