Should the United States remain in NATO?

Should the United States remain in NATO?

Policy analysis paper about if the United States should remain in the NATO. paper should address the effects of leaving/staying in NATO will have on our allies, NATO itself, international cooperation and the positon the united states holds in the international community. The effects of this policy decision should be looked at through the international relations theories of realism and liberalism. Must use parenthetical author date academic source citations. Must be academic sources. paper should follow this outline: 1.description of policy 2.description of current environment to include physical, social, economic, to include political factors and international relation theories (realism and liberalism) 3.description of the effectiveness and efficiency of current policy 4.identify possible alterations to current policy to fix the issue or problem discussed in theories, and estimated cost and benefits of each alternative 5.summarize comparison of policy options 6.state recommendations.

US-NATO Policy

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) refers to an alliance among 29

European and North American nations that was formed in 1949. It was established to avert the

threat of the Soviet Union during the Cold War period. NATO has been an essential part of the

US foreign policy for a long time, but President Trump feels that the alliance is not beneficial to

the country. He has repeatedly suggested that the US should withdraw from the alliance as it

contributes a lot but gets very little from it. The US decision to leave or remain in NATO can

significantly affect its allies, the alliance, international cooperation, and the country’s position in

the international community. The US should withdraw from NATO because it is no longer

relevant, other countries are not making enough contributions, and the US needs to focus on

issues central to its interests.

Current Environment

After the Cold War, NATO has undergone numerous reforms to adapt to new challenges

and threats. More countries were added to the alliance, and partnership programs were established with non-member states.


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