Should those who serve in the military be held to a higher moral standard than their civilian counterparts?

Should those who serve in the military be held to a higher moral standard than their civilian counterparts? Does this apply to the President of the United States? Explain why or why not? Explain how adhering to your position on this issue would benefit the people of the United States.

The people who work in the military undergo a special rigorous training on how to

handle and use different kinds of lethal weapons and firearms. This actually explains why

military work is also known as a profession of arms. In the end, those who work in the military

holds knowledge, skills, and power that if it was in the hands of an immoral person, it would

more likely result into endangering the lives of good and innocent people (Lee, Carrick &

Robinson, 2013). In short, the military personnel know some scary knowledge and skills that

should never be held by an immoral individual (Gifford & Wing, 2012). This explains why the US avoids by all means recruiting soldiers from the prison unlike some countries that hire

prisoners as soldiers (Gifford & Wing, 2012). The last thing that a country like US-which

believes in the principles and values of good governance and impeccable integrity of public

office holders-, should do is to give power to an immoral person.

All professionals including lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, business people

as well as clergy and others encounters unique situations that bring about moral problems that

would not otherwise come up frequently in other undertakings. However, military profession and

the execution of military operations and functions put individuals in unique contexts and

situations that create distinct and pressing moral problems (Gifford & Wing, 2012). For example,

in a typical military operation, the public views it as a moral duty because the personnel taking

part in it should do whatever is humanly possible to avoid harming innocent people.


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