Situational Leadership Survey

Situational Leadership Survey

Reflect on the project team you considered in this week’s Discussion. Imagine you have brought the team together to discuss the project’s phases. As the project team manager, you have assessed your team members’ varying skillsets. Some of your team members are very motivated but could use some coaching and light training to be able to accomplish their individual project responsibilities. Other team members have a high level of skills but might need a little motivation to get started because of their workload. Still others have a great deal of experience and skills and are highly motivated. You would not likely need to manage your entire team in the same way.

To prepare for this Assignment, go to the "Situational Leadership Exercise" in your course text, Leadership: Theory and Practice. Complete the exercise and be as honest and objective as you can. Keep your scores on the exercise for analysis in the Final Research Paper

*Write a paper describing your experience with the "Situational Leadership Exercise."

*Analyze how your questionnaire responses indicate your personal leadership philosophy.

*Describe any questionnaire results that may have surprised you.

*Analyze the impact that the characteristics of the Situational Approach to Leadership might have on your personal leadership style.

*Explain how the Situational Approach might help you become a more effective leader.

My experience with the situational leadership exercise was enlightening. While doing the exercise, I realized that leaders need to be flexible in their behavior to suit the unique situations of their followers (Hersey, 2004). There is no fixed leadership style and each circumstance needs to be dealt with differently. The followers may be in different developmental levels and applying a single leadership approach to all of them will not be effective. My personal leadership philosophy is values-driven leadership (Sadler, 2003). I believe that my main task as a leader is to energize my followers to value activities which support the overall organizational purposes as opposed to their self-interests.


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