SOC 317 The Rise of Experts in Modern-age Childcare, in Media

SOC 317 The Rise of Experts in Modern-age Childcare, in Media

this coursework base on this question:
Is there a corresponding relation between the rise of the expert, and the fall of the mother?
Is it about the mother in particular, or are all parents subject to a fall (in their confidence and authority) in the rise of the expert?
Are there other causes that are leading parents to lose the control of their children, or to miss out on vital knowledge of how to raise children with adequate discipline?
Do you agree with Leavitt about the issues of power that can be seen in the relations of adults and young children in institutional settings like childcare?

There is a change in child-care knowledge from ‘motherly intuition’ to reliance on scientific information (Halley, 2007). The contemporary experience of parenting has changed from ‘child survival’ to ‘child quality’ with a focus on psychological-health (Furedi, 2002). Surely, there is a corresponding relationship of the two. Mothers are faced with the challenge of combining high personal achievement while providing quality-parenting. It has created experts who are ‘masters’ in the art of monitored child development (diet, breastfeeding, exercise).

The father is shown to be widely absent in the private sphere, and more embodied in the industrial and economic life (Halley, 2007). Domestic duties have been taken over by the mother with him only providing support.

It appears that parents are beginning to allow children to be free in making decisions for maintaining a friendly face.


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