Soc3332: What predicts cheating?

Soc3332: What predicts cheating?

Your Theory of Cheating Behavior – Is it just personal or scientific?

Post your detailed theory of cheating behaviors in monogamous, close romantic relationships (or infidelity within marriage).

Stay objective as you would in a Scientific Study.Do not include your or another individual’s personal experiences.

Utilize the Scientific Process of Observation, Theory Development, Specific Hypotheses, and Hypothesis Testing.

In other words,

Describe what is cheating.

What predicts cheating?

What are the underlying theoretical causes or conditions that promote cheating?

How cheating behaviors can be changed or controlled?

Include in your post

Is your theory scientific?

If so, specifically how can you test and confirm your theory?

If not, explain why and be specific.

Required Resources Week 2

Theory in Applied Social Psychology


Chapter 2 in your eText

Article at Social Media Addiction Bigger Problem Than You Think (Links to an external site.)

Article at the British Psychological Society website: Methods:Evaluating Explanatory Theories (Links to an external site.)


YouTube Video:Esther Perel – This is how you stop your partner from cheating(Links to an external site.)

TED talk on YouTube:Esther Perel – TedTalk Rethinking Infidelity(Links to an external site.)

Research Methods


Chapter 3 in your eText

Article at Science in the News social media 1 in 5 lose sleep (Links to an external site.)

Article at the Washington Post: The Power of Good Research – Twitter Bot Combats Racism (Links to an external site.)

Post on the Psychology Community Blog at Twitter Experiment (Links to an external site.)

Article at Social Psychology Research Methods (Links to an external site.)

Article at The Scientific Method and Psychology Research (Links to an external site.)

Article at How the Experimental Method Works in Psychology (Links to an external site.)

Article at Replication in Research Methods (Links to an external site.)

Press Release from Problem with being Pretty (Links to an external site.)

 (Links to an external site.)Article within Press Release from Entitle Cause Discrimination Against Attractive Candidates in the Domain of Relatively Less Desirable Jobs (Links to an external site.)

Article from Berkeley Library Online Resources:Anticipated Dissatisfaction Causes Discrimination Against Attractive Candidates


YouTube video from KStateLibraries: How to Develop a Good Research Topic (Links to an external site.)

TEDx Talk by Sean Talamas on YouTube: Blinded by Beauty


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