SOCY 3020 Gender Roles in Modern Society and Civil Rights Activism

SOCY 3020 Gender Roles in Modern Society and Civil Rights Activism

Please make sure you follow any previously posted individual and/or general feedback for your work in this class (two class announcements are available with general feedback for everybody’s consideration) Please download, read, follow, and apply the posted “Writing Guidelines” handout (available through the corresponding posted class announcement).
Make sure you read the ‘Pointers and Expectations’ section at the end of this assignment sheet, it is included for your benefit. Answer your choice of TWO of the three questions presented here. Each question is worth 50 points. This paper is due Sunday, May 4, 2014 (before 11:59 PM MST) by uploading your work in the required file format through your “Assignments” sections under the “Paper 3” link and by clicking the “Submit Assignment” link on the top right hand side. No late papers or different file formats other than MS Word files will be accepted (take these requirements extremely seriously). Please review your syllabus for more important information regarding your regular papers.
Please answer your choice of two out these three questions:

  1. For this question please read the posted essay by Frank Wu titled Yellow and make sure you have
    watched the Vincent Who? documentary. React to Wu’s essay and the documentary while answering the
    question of: How do Asians fit into U.S. culture? In your discussion make sure you also react to the
    following statement: “Part of the double-bind of Asian Americans is that retaining their Asian heritages
    can be almost as difficult as becoming American. The story of Asian American history is a story of not
    belonging, of alienation from America and Asia.”
  2. In relation to our topic on Gender and Sexuality, how has the changing role of women throughout this or
    our global society affected at least three sources of discrimination presented in class? How are men’s
    and women’s roles defined differently when it comes to such concepts as mommy track, second shift,
    and displaced homemaker?
  3. Solely within a Race and Ethnicity frame, choose one prominent figure of the 20th or 21st century and
    explain clearly, relevantly, and in-depth how this person (his/her policies, ideas, actions, or other
    contributions) has had or is having a lasting impact on an issue or specific notion covered in class.

Make sure you apply critical thinking as much as you can. This means that you must include personal insight.

  • Use class readings/external sources’ information where appropriate. (But no direct quotes greater than three sentences long, if
    more paraphrase and still give proper credit).


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