SPC Ardmona and its Industrial Relations Issues from the Current Enterprise Agreement

SPC Ardmona and its Industrial Relations Issues from the Current Enterprise Agreement

As an industrial relations practitioner, manager or employee, it is vital that you understand how to read and assess an enterprise agreement. For this exercise, you are asked to analyse an agreement that has been the subject of much public comment in recent months.

STEP 1: To begin this assignment, please research the industrial relations story of SPC Ardmona through a minimum of ten (10) media sources. Write a 1,000-word summary of what you think are the main aspects of this story and reference your ideas to the articles you used. Attach a bibliography of all the articles you read.

Here is an ABC ‘Fact File’ to get you going: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-17/fact-file-labour-costs-not-to-blame-for-spc-ardmona-woes/5245260

Also please read the file called ‘ABC fact file on SPC Ardmona’, Just to get you started on knowing the key aspects of the story…

STEP 2:  

SPC Ardmona Operations Shepparton/Mooroopna (Food Preservers) Enterprise Agreement 2012

Please read this agreement, thinking about aspects of our course that are highlighted by different clauses and the claims made by parties involved in the public debate about SPC Ardmona and this agreement. You will need to read this agreement to complete the Q & A sheet.

How to access online textbook (if you need to know what’s my course about then please read my textbook, just simply read the chapter 1—4 and see if you can find any useful information related to this assignment):

STEP 3: Download the Q & A sheet. Do your best to answer the questions fully and insightfully. ( please be aware that I required 2200 words for the whole assignment, you need to write 1000 or 1100 words in first step, the other 1100 words is for this Q&A sheet, I don’t know the exactly word limits for this part so I assume 1100 words, don’t be trapped by the word limits as long as you answer the questions  fully and insightfully , if you have more to say that exceeds 1100 words then please email me and then I will pay more)

These pointers are here to help you…

  • Sometimes the answer is not obvious; you will have to think about it.
  • For some questions, there is no ‘right’ answer; it will be a matter of opinion. However, your response will be more convincing if you explain the material reasons for your position.
  • The lines inserted for answers are intended as a guide only. If there is only one line, a short answer should suffice. Where there are more lines, focus on explaining your answer. Use more lines if you wish.

Supporting materials:

The following article, written about the early experiences of enterprise bargaining in Australia in the food processing industry, will help you think through some of the issues…. (Although not directly about SPC Ardmona, this article will help you to think through some of the industrial issues that are relevant to this assignment.) R.B. Sappey, G. Maconachie, J. Sappey and S. Teo (1999) ‘Work Intensification and Social Relations: A study of enterprise agreements in the Queensland food processing industry’, International Journal of Employment Studies, 7 (1).


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