SPRC2003- Fundamentals of Sport & Recreation

SPRC2003- Fundamentals of Sport & Recreation

Assessment 1- Case Study


The report will provide an opportunity for students to expand on issues discussed in

tutorials to highlight the increasing demands placed on sport and recreation

managers. Students are required to further examine one topic from the first six

weeks of workshops, outlining how the topic is relevant to the role of the sport and

recreation manager. It is expected that students will utilise additional resources such

as media articles, journal articles and industry publications in the preparation of their


Weekly Topics

Week 1- Unique aspects of sport and recreation

Week 2- Social Ecological influences in sport and recreation management

Week 3- Allocation of public funding to sport and recreation

Week 4- Grassroots sport and social capital

Week 5- Stakeholder theory in professional sport

Week 6- Principles of good governance


 Introduction – provide introductory information about your chosen topic and why

it is an important area of concern. Provide some detail of what is to follow in the


 Discussion – Elaborate in sufficient detail on each of the major points you raise.

There is no set amount of points to include – it should be reflective of the range of

issues you think face sport and recreation managers in relation to your topic.

 Case Study- Inclusion of a ‘real-world’ example. This is designed to support your

analysis and provide further clarity of the topic.

 Conclusion – Summarise the major points you have raised in your discussion.

 References

 Appendices

Word Count / Allocation

 Officially 1800 words

 I am okay if you go over the word count by up to 400 words providing the

information you have included is relevant and warrants further discussion.

 You are advised not to go under the word count by more than 150 words.

 Guide: Introduction (200), Discussion & Case Study (1300), Conclusion (300).

 References/Appendices are not included in word count.


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