Staffing issues facing organizations in the retail chain-stores industry

Staffing issues facing organizations in the retail chain-stores industry

You are asked to provide an analysis of the Staffing issues facing organizations in

the retail chain-stores (e.g. Cold Storage, NTUC, Sheng Siong) industry over the

next five years by a Singapore industry Association. Research factors which can


Staffing like demographics, political, economic, social‐cultural etc. in the retail

chain stores industry. You will need to consult sources about the industry to gain an

understanding of that industry and its business

context. You will also need to consult various sources regarding factors which may

influence the ability of

organisations to staff themselves satisfactorily in the next five years. For example,

if you are considering

demographics, you may need to consider the current age of the industry workforce,

the likelihood of sufficient

new entrants, laws which may affect workforce participation—e.g., laws which

encourage people to remain in the workforce or raise the age for workforce

participation. You need to basis your analysis on relevant research and data. While

you are interested in retail chain stores industry in

Singapore, remember most industries are present in other countries, and research

about your industry in

other countries may provide useful insights (and remember that in many instances,

Singaporean companies

are competing in and for employees in an international context). This document

requires you to address all the factors considered in the report and come up with

recommendations (each recommendation must address a different factor

considered). These recommendations must

be made in light of the industry conditions, the research into the factors, and

demonstrate an understanding of

relevant and appropriate HR responses to the Staffing issues presented. Include

executive summary, introduction,

& conclusion to the report.

Singapore is certainly a development economy befitting the term a ‘Little Dragon.’

It is a strong global trading partner that attracts investors from all corners of the world

including United States, Japan, India, and China among others. In fact, her economy is

largely trade-driven. It has one of the highest trades to GDP ratio in the world. Due to an

ever increasing middle class in a society where education is given first priority, retail

businesses have come to dominate her markets.


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