Standard Personality Tests are Inadequate in Interpreting Behavior of Indigenous People

Standard Personality Tests are Inadequate in Interpreting Behavior of Indigenous People

The essay question to be answered is Q. Critically evaluate the statement that it is inappropriate for psychologists to use standard personality tests to interpret and understand the Behaviour of Indigenous people such as Aboriginal
Australians. It must also contain an abstract no more than 100 words.

These same standardized tests often used with other social groups for which accurate normative or psychometric study has gotten carried out are used when working with indigenous/ Aboriginal people. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (indigenous) people are the major original cultures of the Australian society. In the research done from various studies that are presented, the purpose is to bring out the shortcomings of these models in terms of the reliability and validity of results. Cross-cultural effects have gotten explained and their influence on behavior especially on indigenous people.

Psychology is a complicated field, and consist both scientific investigation and professional/clinical practice as applied to comprehending human thoughts, human feelings and behaviour (Rickwood et al., 2011). The development of psychological measures that produce integral results with a lower margin of error is a significant concern when carrying out psychological testing (Oxford University Press, 2005). Methods of psychological measurement have usually been standardized and are norm-referenced tests (Mushquash and Bova, 2007). The aim of behavioral researchers, however, should be more interested in obtaining scores that have higher accuracy.With time; behavioral researchers have developed many instruments or tests that have been shown to work very accurately during assessments of many social, cultural constructs (Oxford University Press, 2005). These same measurement instruments often get used with other cultural groups for which proper normative or psychometric study has not yet been carried out.


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