Statistics and scae measurements

Statistics and scae measurements

The nominal level of measurement deals with names, categories, or labels. As such, calculations such as means and standard deviations cannot be derived from such data. In a football team, a player’s name is an example of a nominal measurement.

Statistics and scae measurements
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For the national licensure examination, students are expected to have a basic understanding of statistics and scales of measurement as well as the forms of reliability and validity.
In the initial discussion post, students will answer the following questions. Please number answers accordingly in your initial post.
1. In Table 5.1 in Hays (2017), there is an example of the 4 scales of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio) with regard to football players. Students will summarize their own example based on each of the 4 scales of measurement.
2. There are many different kinds of reliability and validity. After reading Hays (2017), choose two different forms of reliability and two different forms of validity. Students will explain the differences between the forms of reliability and the difference between the forms of validity.
3. Why is reliability of a psychological test important?
4. Why is test validity important

The ratio level contains ordered data, has a starting point, and sums, differences, and ratios can be calculated. In a football team, an example would be the weight of the players.

A test’s reliability has vital implications for the quality of decisions that are made based on a client’s test scores. Since psychologists can never honestly know an individual’s actual level of a particular construct, a reliable test can accurately depict a client’s score, and the correct course of action followed.


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