Strategic management models case study: Apple Inc

Strategic management models case study: Apple Inc

The objective of this research is to apply the knowledge learned in class about strategic management models to a real life case study, which in our case will be Apple Inc. A strategic analysis as well as formulation of the Apple Inc. company will be done throughout the research work.

            Apple Inc. is an international company which deals with designing, manufacturing, as well as selling consumer software and electronics, personal computers, as well as providing some related services. Some of Apple’s products that have been doing quite well in the market include iPhone, Mac, iTunes, and iPad. The company’s highest source of income is the iPhone which brings in more than 50 percent of the total sales. Since the launch of iPhone in 2007, the company has been experiencing a tremendous financial growth. The brand Apple Inc. is currently one of the most expensive in the world as it is worth more than 170 million dollars. This has hugely facilitated to Apple being the most successful company when it comes to dealing with electronics. Table 1 shows revenue by products for the year 2017 third fiscal third quarter (Apple Inc., 2017).

General Evaluation (Market size and Market growth) Apple Inc. had a 12.22 percent increase in its revenue in the 2017 fourth quarter. It outpaced the industry concerned with computer hardware which had a growth of 8.26 percent. It also outpaced the technology sector which experienced a 10.83 percent growth. Therefore, Apple Inc. has been growing faster than the industry (Apple Report, 2017).

Political Since the company has been growing its revenues substantially over the past few years, the tax it has to pay to the US government has also increased. Increased tax means less profit for the company (Lombardo, 2017).  Another political factor is the improved policies regarding free trade. More governments are adapting free trade policies especially in the developing countries and this has in turn facilitated smooth sale of the company’s products.


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