The Bahrain-Qatar Border Dispute – The role played by different means of dispute settlement

The Bahrain-Qatar Border Dispute – The role played by different means of dispute settlement

Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes

Write a 5000-word essay on the following topic.

1. Critically analyse the role played by different means of dispute settlement (both

diplomatic and legal/adjudicatory) in the resolution of a specific inter-state


(For the purposes of this essay, you should select as a case study any past or

ongoing inter-state dispute that has involved the use of two or more of the

means of dispute settlement enumerated in Article 33 of the United Nations

Charter. If relevant, your essay should also address the relationship between

the different means of dispute settlement in the case in question.) The case

study will be The Bahrain-Qatar Border Dispute. No need to go

in more details in the case just small Introduction to the case and how many dispute

involved in the cases before it goes to the International Court of Justice (ICJ

and what was the final decision

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please make sure that

you are familiar with the University Regulations on

plagiarism. The plagiarism must not more than 15%

Please remember to include word count. And you must use the footnotes


Students should demonstrate the ability to:

 Identify the relevant facts

 Identify all relevant essential, and any novel, legal and non-legal issues

 Identify all relevant treaties, customary law, general principles of law, and

international decisions

 Record relevant opinions of writers with appropriate citations

 Locate relevant legal and non-legal sources

 Research and record critical analysis and solutions

 Propose an appropriate synthesis and conclusion with respect to facts, issues,

law and solutions

 Reflect critically on the analyses, solutions, synthesis, and conclusions

 Structure the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow

coherently and logically

 Conduct thorough and planned library research

 Communicate in good English and use correct terminology

In grading assessments, the quality of work will be determined by reference to the


 Extent to which facts have been assimilated

 Breadth of knowledge of the relevant law

 Degree of insight into the issues

 Level of application of the law to the issues

 Depth of analysis, description and discussion in promoting the arguments

 Extent to which viable innovative solutions are proposed

 Degree to which planning and coherence is evident in the structure of the


 Level to which complex solutions are offered and evaluated

 Extent to which command of English is demonstrated in a legal context


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