The Cultural Aspect of the Lebanese Community in the United Arab Emirates

The Cultural Aspect of the Lebanese Community in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE hosts the biggest percentage of the Lebanese living in the diaspora. The

Lebanese community in the UAE lives in a tolerant and diverse society comprising of over two

hundred nationalities. Majority of Lebanese living in the UAE are expatriates working in

different sectors of the Emirates economy (Aldosari 987). This has enabled them to develop their

diverse expertise skills which give them another competitive advantage besides linguistic

uniformity with United Arab Emirates citizenry.

Linguistically, Lebanese community living in the UAE is bilingual or multilingual. All of

them speak Arabic which is their mother tongue and official language back home. A

considerable percentage speaks English, French and Armenian besides Arabic. Spanish is among

the foreign languages that are gaining popularity among Lebanese living in the UAE. The

Lebanese have numerous accents. Unlike among other communities, accents among the

Lebanese community are a much higher sign of social status. Lebanese multilingual aspect can

be attributed to the numerous civilizations and cultures that Lebanese culture has passed through

over thousands of years. Their culture has borrowed from many civilizations and cultures

including the Phoenicians, the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, the Crusaders,

the Ottoman Turks, and recently the French. Their linguistic endowment enables them to adapt

quickly and stress free to changes that accompany immigrating to another country. In many

ways, UAE is more or less like a second home to a majority of the Lebanese because of the close

cultural ties shared by the two countries. However, it is important to note that irrespective of

their bilingual and multilingual qualities, majority of the Lebanese in the UAE speak Arabic.

Majority of the Lebanese community living in the UAE is very modern. They share

similarities with particular cultures of Mediterranean Europe because the country is culturally

and ideologically connected to Europe via France their former colonial master.


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