The democratic leadership style and its application in the workplace

The democratic leadership style and its application in the workplace

Discuss the leadership style and its application in response to workplace challenges, changed management and conflict resolution. Consider leadership resilience and resiliency development strategies in the workplace in your response.

Leadership in a broad context can be defined as a process of social influence whereby the leader seeks a voluntary participation by subordinates (Omolayo, 2007).  The endeavor is working towards the attainment of organizational objectives or business targets. A leader represents the person who exercises social influence over other team members in a working group in order to provide direction (MacPhee et al., 2012). Within this context, there are different leadership styles where they determine the pattern of behaviors that are engaged in by the group leader when coordinating other employees. Some of the most applied styles of leadership in commercial and state enterprises include autocratic (or authoritarian), laissez-faire (free) and the democratic leadership styles. Within the healthcare sector, most operations are aimed at providing human intervention services in treating disease and improving population body wellness. It hence requires an involving leadership style that engages employees in a constructive and mutual manner (Ray and Aditya-Ray, 2012), which is the democratic leadership. The democratic leadership style encompasses the utilization of a consultative approach by the leader that promotes team participation in making decisions while also keeping master-master relations level with other working-group members (Choi, 2007). A common feature that describes democratic leadership is that no single universal concept (in terms of sound democratic leadership) represents all settings or organizational set-ups (Helms, 2012).


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