The impact of corporate social responsibility on organisational effectiveness

The impact of corporate social responsibility on organisational effectiveness

This assessment involves developing a research proposal based on one of the topics listed

above. You may select a topic of your own choice, but you MUST obtain approval from your

tutor. This assignment is a group project –groups of 3 students will allow sharing of the work

load. The assignment is in two parts: (A) class presentation and (B) written paper.

PART A: Class presentation of Research Proposal (20% of the total mark)

Presentation requirements

Time limit 30 minutes plus question time.

You should treat the presentation as though you are presenting to senior management in an

organisation, for the purposes of securing their support for your research, or if the topic is not

research within an organisation assume you are presenting to a funding body to secure funding.

Your research proposal must include the following sections:

1. Introduction to, and background information about the topic (problem or research question;

2. The research objectives (at least two);

3. A brief statement how the information will benefit an organisation or society;

4. Critical review of the relevant literature (existing knowledge about the topic);

5. Describe the population, the Sampling Frame, and how will you “extract” the sample,

6. Describe the method/s of data collection;

7. Ethical implications of the research;

8. A statement about how you intend to analyse the data; and

9. List of references.


You must have a combination of texts, academic peer reviewed journal articles etc., You may

also use the popular media, (e.g. the internet, newspapers) but remember those sources are

often opinionated and unreliable. Wikipedia or other websites with no recognisable or

academically acceptable author are not acceptable. Overall you should have 5 to 10 items

and you must include at least three peer reviewed journal articles. The more journal articles you

use the more impressive your literature review will be.

The presentation will be marked both for process (how you present) and content (what you

present). A straight ‘lecturing’ or (worse still) note-reading style, will be regarded as mediocre.

Each group member is expected to participate equally in the presentation.

Equity in Teams

In this assessment you will be working in teams. If you have a concern about unfair

or inequitable work in your team, your first responsibility is to address it within the

group. However if you are unable to resolve the issue, please raise the matter with

your tutor or lecturer during the semester. Please note that it is difficult to resolve

matters if you raise the issue of equity after the most of the work is done.

PART B: Written Paper (20% of the total mark)

2000 words (excluding the Power point slides)

The written submission must consist of:

 an annotated bibliography (1500 words); and

 a reflection of learnings (500 words).

The annotated bibliography (1500 words) will consist of the list of references that you

presented on your power point slides with annotations. See Moodle for a sample of annotations.

The sample is quite brief. There is no a prescribed word length for each annotation however the

absolute maximum per annotation is 250 words. The length depends on the extent you used

that item in your presentation.

The reflection of learnings (500 words) needs to be thought through carefully. It is not a

regurgitation of the proposal or the content of the course, rather it is careful thought about how

understanding of research and the skills of research can potentially benefit you in your future

careers and in your private lives. The reflection is a group effort and all group members must



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