The Impact of the World Wars on Human History

The Impact of the World Wars on Human History

This paper must deal with one of the following subjects.
� The Global Shift of Power in the 1600s and 1700s
� Manchu Dynasty China
� The Enlightenment
� The Industrial Revolution
� 19th Century Imperialism
� The Meiji Restoration
� The Rise of Nationalism and Nation-States
� The Impact of the World Wars on Human History
� The Cold War
� Anti-Colonialism and Decolonization
� The Middle East in the 20th Century
� Humanity and the Environment at the End of the 20th Century
Submit your choice to the appropriate link on blackboard no later than the listed due date.

Length: 8 to 10 double spaced pages; 12 pt. font

Citation Style: MLA Format

Sources: Minimum of three separate sources
Only one source can be a general reference work (encyclopedia – online or paper, Wikipedia, etc…).
Multiple articles from a single general reference work do NOT constitute separate sources.
The textbook may NOT be cited as a reference source.

Failure to abide by these rules of form will result in substantial penalties to the final grade.

Rough Draft: You must submit a rough draft by the listed due date. Failure to do so will result in an automatic penalty of 25 points to the final grade.

Final Draft: The final draft must be different from the rough draft. Simply turning in the same paper will result in a 25 point reduction to the final grade.

Be sure to fully utilize what is available to you, including the library here at DCCC. The staff there can help you, but only if you ask.

The 19th Century Imperialism

Imperialism is as old as human civilization. During different epochs of world history,

different human civilizations/ empires have strived to expand their territories beyond their

traditionally known and recognized boundaries by way of dominating other foreign people in the

neighboring territories, as well as, aliens in distant lands far away from their territories.


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