The Invention and Scientific Knowledge of the Homosexual Body

The Invention and Scientific Knowledge of the Homosexual Body

Subject   Other Topic   Learning Activity #2: Reflective Writing on Science and Homosexuality
Complete both Part I & II.
Part 1.
Choose a quotation from Siobhan Somerville’s essay, “Scientific Racism and the Invention of the Homosexual Body,” that interests you, confuses you, or challenges you. Place this quotation at the top of the page, following your header. Include the page number in parentheses following the quotation. Note that the parenthetical citation follows the quotation marks but comes before the period in the example below:
“History is rarely, if ever, as simple as the recorded facts” (xxi).
Then, in a good-sized paragraph (min. 150 words), unpack the quotation, explaining what you see happening in it and why it interests, confuses, or challenges you.
Part 2.
Write a good-sized paragraph (min. 150 words) in response to the following prompt.
Sexologists at the turn of the century considered themselves scientists. Whatever the merits and faults of their scientific practices, a scientific understanding of sexuality has continued to be important to this day. In what ways? Do you think a scientific understanding of sexuality is beneficial to contemporary LGBT people? Why or why not?
Length requirement: min. 150 words per prompt, excluding your opening quotation.
Formatting requirements: single-spaced; include word count.

The use of these words, by Xavier Mayne, is intended to explain ‘homosexuality’ in a less explicit way by positioning the subjects as intermediaries of an evolutionary process, but it is interesting per-se. Ellis had exhibited anxieties about biracial bodies, but for others ‘naturalizing’ and recuperating homosexuality, the eluded evolutionary emphasis on the continuity theory offered potentially useful analogies (Somerville 259). This involved use of the race model, which had given precedence to the existence of a mixed race, to describe a continuous spectrum of gender and sexuality and that positioned ‘homosexuals’ as an intermediary sex between the heterosexual male and female.


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