The plight of children in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly those who have been made orphans by AIDS

The plight of children in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly those who have been made orphans by AIDS

Examine, and reflect on, the plight of children in Sub-Saharan Africa,
particularly children who have been made orphans by AIDS;
Consider the ways in which you personally, and other young people like
you, can improve the lives of vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan
Africa. Please be specific and concrete.

Are there any role models you find particularly inspiring?
How might young people like you adopt one of your role model’s
leadership qualities to bring positive change to the lives of children
in Sub-Saharan Africa?
How will your plan make a difference?

We are particularly interested in what you may have already done to
exercise leadership regarding a topic of concern to you, and how you
might apply your leadership to the crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The judges pay particular attention to personal involvement and
suggestions of change that might be implemented.
Summarize at the end:

What resources might make your plan a success;
What obstacles might complicate the implementation of your plan;
Ways you individually, or as part of a group of students in the US,
could help children today, even if your effort will help only a few
children in one small location.
The essay must be:

The original work of the author and not previously published;
Well-structured with good word choice and fluid writing. Check
spelling, grammar and punctuation. The essay must be free of blatant
Researched and with quality references  references from Wikipedia do
not carry much weight. Essays without citations will be disqualified.

Your essay must be no less than 1400 words and no more than 1500 words
excluding citations, page headers and footers. Shorter or longer
essays will be disqualified.
Your essay must be written in English.
All citations must appear at the end of the essay.
You must include your name and essay title at the top of each page. Do
not include any contact information (e.g., e-mail address or telephone
number) in your essay.
The pages of your essay must be numbered.
Your essay must be double-spaced.


Ninety percent of all children orphaned because of AIDS live in
Sub-Saharan Africa and many of these young people grow up in an
environment where chronic malnutrition, alcoholism, violence, sexual
abuse and parental neglect are common experiences. In addition, some
must also deal with the grief and stigma associated with having a
parent who has AIDS or has died from AIDS. Such circumstances bring
unimaginable challenges for these children.

Currently hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in Sub-Saharan
Africa by governments, faith-based organizations, community-based
organizations, and international nonprofit organizations to improve
the well-being of these at-risk children. The impact of these programs
is unclear and at the present time the most effective strategy to help
these children is unknown.

It’s projected that the number of children orphaned will grow to over
20 million by 2010, and how to best meet the needs for the largest
number of children has become a crucial issue that is yet to be

The purpose of our essay contest is to have you think about the
challenges faced by these children and what you would do to alleviate
their suffering.

Each year, OCA sponsors an essay contest in which we invite young
people to first gain a better understanding of the tragic
circumstances facing children in Sub-Saharan Africa, and to then
formulate an essay to communicate their understanding of an aspect of
the problem of particular interest to them. A very important part of
the essay will be the applicant’s suggestions regarding how young
people in the US and around the world can exercise leadership to
alleviate the suffering of Sub-Saharan Africa’s children.

This year, we invite contest entrants to consider the ways in which
young people can exercise leadership in addressing this crisis. As you
formulate the ideas for your essay, think about the ways in which
young people like you can have a positive impact to help alleviate the
suffering of orphans and other vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan


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