The Positive Impact of the Chinese Political System on China’s future economic growth

The Positive Impact of the Chinese Political System on China’s future economic growth.

Chinese political system has efficient and straight forward decision making processes that

enable her to solve arising issue. Most importantly, the Chinese government is characterized by

a unique flexibility in its use of money. As a result, the government can adjust spending in order

to help different Chinese areas to further their economic development. This has helped the

government to balance her whole economy. Furthermore, the Chinese political system is

characterized by a distinct consistency, as well as tendency to put political power first unlike

Western countries that focus on human rights and benefits. This consistency enables the country

to avoid unnecessary interruption of long term government development plans and projects.

Over the last three decades, this consistency has enabled China to realize major development

feats such as construction of the longest bridge (42 miles) on sea, hosting of the 2008 Beijing

Olympic and enactment of major reform legislations.

Environmental Problems and Business Monopolies

China’s dramatic economic growth has been accompanied by enormous energy

consumption. Over the last thirty years of its unprecedented economic growth, the country has

built many extra power stations in order to provide mushrooming factories and growing cities

with reliable electricity. However, while building of extra power stations is recommendable and

unavoidable it has led to serious environmental impacts. The levels of environmental pollution

have soared because of the country’s many coal-fired power stations. High levels of pollution

have caused an unbalanced environment that is less attractive to foreign investors. It has also led

to increase of domestic product prices, as well as, less export to other countries. The soaring

levels of pollution have had enormous financial cost upon the economy. Furthermore, the

dictatorial tendencies of the Chinese government have led to monopolization of business. The

Chinese government controls virtually all natural resources which are largely given to the state-

owned businesses. Even though, individuals are permitted to do business, only a small section of

the population gets benefits. This has hindered creation of employment because of lack

individual business.


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