The role of Christianity in enslaved Africans’ lives

The role of Christianity in enslaved Africans’ lives

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Slave trade was necessitated by America’s manual agricultural activities which

required a huge workforce. Therefore, the American’s acquired labor by enslaving

Africans so as to ensure a continued supply of agricultural products to Europe. After

slavery, evangelists made efforts to convert the African slaves from their cultural

religions and belief to Christianity. Most slaves embraced this new religion. This

discussion explores how the conversion of African slaves into Christianity impacted on

their lives.

The role of Christianity in the lives of African slaves

European evangelists explored the bible to explain the concept of slavery of

Africans. They concluded that Africans were being enslaved by as a punishment for

their sins. They explained that according to the bible, Africans were the descendants of

Ham, Noah’s son who was cursed for laughing at his drunk and naked father. Therefore

slavery was accepted as it was seen as the fulfillment of Noah’s curse (Glasson 42).

The bible has many references to the concept of slavery. In the Old Testament,

there are rules on how servants should be treated and what their rights are. For

instance, there were rules that inhibited the masters from killing their slaves and forcing

them to work during Sabbath. People could also sell themselves into slavery in order to

pay for their debts or in exchange for shelter and food. In the New Testament, slaves

who embraced Christianity were taught to respect their masters and serve them as if

they were serving Jesus.


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