The Science of Hadith

The Science of Hadith

Feel free to use as many sources as possible in your research. The paper will be 3-4 pages long, double-spaced, in Times New Roman, font size 12. You must write in your own words (except quotations) and cite your sources in a works cited page (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source). No late writing assignments will be accepted; any assignment submitted after the due date will receive “zero”.

Suggested sources
A Textbook of Hadith Studies by Mohammad Hashim Kamali, available for purchase at the ASU bookstore.
This is Mohammad, a biography of Prophet Muhammad, online at
The most authentic Hadith books translated into English:
Sahih Al-Bukhari translated by M. Muhsin Khan.
Sahih Muslim translated by Abdul Hamid Siddiqui
Sunan Abu-Dawud translated by Prof. Ahmad Hasan.
Malik’s Muwatta translated by Aisha Abdarahman at-Tarjumana and Yaqub Johnson.

Muslims derive the laws that govern them from many sources. The Qur’an is the

most important source of law for the Muslims, followed by the Hadith. Hadith is the

compilation of the words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad and his companions. The

companions were the students of Prophet Muhammad. These compilations have been

passes down many generations up to the present. Many scholars have tried to expound

on the hadith throughout history. Their writings have also been included in the hadith.

However, some hadiths are not authentic because their writers either altered their

original meanings or falsified some facts. This discussion therefore looks into the efforts

of scholars in trying to distinguish between the true hadiths from the fabricated ones in

order to prevent the Muslims from being misled.

The science of hadith

The hadith is divided into two parts. The first part includes the words and deeds

of Prophet Muhammad and his companions (matn) while the other part contains the

chain of transmitters of the information from Prophet Muhammad through many

generations (isnad). Muslims look at the chain of transmitters in determining what text

are authentic. Each hadith has the text, the chain of reporters and the first sentence of

the text (taraf).


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