Theodore Bundy – DSM Diagnosis

Theodore Bundy – DSM Diagnosis

In a written report using the following headings:

1) EXTERNAL FACTORS (social) – that might be relevant in the etiology of the

perpetrators criminal behavior

2) INTERNAL FACTORS (biological, affective, cognitive (bio-psychological) that

might be relevant in the etiology of the perpetrators criminal behavior

3) THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES which might be acceptable to this particular

case and how they apply, You can choose one (1) or more theory and apply it to the


4) DSM DIAGNOSIS you would assign for this particular case


have made a difference in this case?

The paper should answer the question of why did this person do what they did?

What caused it? What were the critical psychological events or processes that laid the foundation for their acts? Should they be held responsible for their actions?

Theodore Bundy was a murderer and rapist who perpetrated his crimes in the 1970s and

was executed in 1989. Theodore was a serial killer and he raped and murdered over 30 young

women. He was born out of wedlock in 1946 and turned into one of the most vicious serial

killers in the U.S. This paper explores the external and internal factors that may have contributed

to the development of Theodore’s criminal behavior. Theories that are applicable to Theodore’s

case are also discussed. The DSM diagnosis of Theodore’s condition is determined and

approaches to the prevention and treatment of this condition are explored.

External Factors

Numerous external factors such as family, bad company, social disorganization, criminal

area and school can cause an individual to perpetrate crimes. In Theodore’s case, his criminal

behavior may have originated from family defects. He was born out of wedlock and he grew up

thinking that his mother was an elder sister. His mother also made him believe that his

grandparents were his real parents. The attitude of parents can also cause an individual to

develop criminal behavior (LaBrode, 2007). Hiding important information from children can

affect them when they find out the truth.


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