There is no hope of doing perfect research (Griffiths, 1998, p97). Do you agree?

There is no hope of doing perfect research (Griffiths, 1998, p97). Do you agree?

The statement by Griffith that “There is no hope of doing perfect research” is true

as there are numerous examples in the history of research that prove that perfect

research is unfeasible. There are many limitations to doing a perfect research such as

rapid technological developments, rapid discovery of new information, insufficient

resources, complexity of research issues and too many information sources.

The rapid development in science and technology makes perfect research

impractical. New developments in technology and new scientific methods can prove

previous theories wrong. For instance, scientists like Anaxagoras, Anaximander and

Aristotle, believed in spontaneous generation. They believed that life could originate

from nonliving matter if exposed to the sun. This theory was based on incidents like the

way maggots seemed to originate from carcasses. However, the development of

scientific methods to test this theory and the technological developments such as the

advent of the microscope aided in proving this theory wrong. Scientist Louis Pasteur

proved this theory wrong when maggots did not appear in carcasses stored in

containers that were sealed. The microscope helped in proving that microorganisms in

the air were responsible for the presence of maggots in carcasses (Levine and Evers,

par 6)

Another reason why research cannot be perfect is that new information is

discovered every day. This invalidates previous theories and beliefs. For instance,

before 1993, it was accepted by evolutionists that the last common ancestor between

human beings and apes looked more similar to apes than human beings. They believed

that he had characteristics like walking on knuckles, walking on four limbs and swinging

on trees. It was believed that after the split in the line of ancestry, human beings

continued to evolve into their present form while apes retained most of the

characteristics of the last common ancestor.


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