“Thinking Global, Acting Local” on Climate Change

“Thinking Global, Acting Local” on Climate Change

Thinking Globally, Acting Local was one of the concepts that were widely used by environmentalists in the 1970’s when it was developed (Stoknes, 2015). International discourses about climate change are now a growing trend as proof of the thinking global phenomena. The imminent danger posed by climate change has made the phenomenon one of the hotly debated and researched issues in the last few decades. Climate change has become a subject of discussion for a lot of global leaders, activists, and scientists. The discussions on climate change are geared towards finding lasting and permanent global solutions that can be implemented locally by every nation of the world (IUCN, 2015).

Generally, it was agreed by all states participating that Climate Change is not a problem for a few states but a global problem. The participating states, therefore, agreed to enhance their efforts in addressing climate change. Among the things that were agreed on was the need to find global solutions to climate change, which would be applied locally. The establishment of the ICLEI serves as proof of the commitment that states have put in place to tackle environmental issues from a global perspective. The ICLEI was established to serve as an international environmental agency for local governments. The ICLEI has the mandate “to build and support a worldwide movement of local governments to achieve tangible improvements in global environmental conditions through the cumulative impact of local actions” (Rauland & Newman, 2015).

However, the ICLE has made a tremendous effort to ensure the cooperation of local authorities of various countries cooperate to find lasting solutions to climate change. Urban CO2 Reduction Project is perhaps one of the initial projects of the ICLEI that achieved tremendous success (Salih, 2014). The project was supported by fourteen cities from North America and Europe. It was geared towards finding qualitative and quantitative measures for the reduction of greenhouse emissions, as well as strategies for the implementation of those measures. The tremendous success the project had realized caused the ICLEI to launch the Cities for Climate Project Initiative.


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