To what extent can gender provide the primary focus for international development strategy?

To what extent can gender provide the primary focus for international development strategy?

Even though, international trade and international relations have been in existence for

many centuries, international development theory rose as a distinct body of ideas during 20th

century (Korchumova 2007, p.1). The concept of international development is used in a holistic

and multidisciplinary context of human development to signify development of the larger quality

of life for human beings. The concept includes poverty reduction, gender equality, human rights,

education, healthcare, economics, disaster preparedness, governance, foreign aid and

infrastructure and other issues connected with these. International development is specifically

differentiated from other forms of development by its associated institutions that arose after

World War II. To a large extent, institutions and policies of international development put

emphasis on poverty alleviation and improvement of living conditions in Third World countries

which were decolonized during 20th century.

It is important to note that, in common usage international development is closely related

to international aid, but it is different from disaster relief and humanitarian aid (Hjertholm

& White 2000, p.10). Although these two forms of international support seek to assuage problems

associated with lack of development, they are largely short term plans. They do not provide long-

term solutions. International development seeks to execute long-term solutions to global

development problems by assisting least developed countries (LCDs) or developing countries to

establish the required capacity for sustainable development. Truly sustainable development

solutions should be able to carry on indefinitely without further international intervention.

International development projects include a sequence of projects aimed at several aspects of a

society, or a single transformative project geared towards solving a particular development

problem. In most cases, internationally promoted development projects entail those geared

towards solving problems that reflect the distinctive geography, politics, economy and culture of

an area. In recent times, international development has largely involved projects that target to

empower women, Environmental care and building local economies.


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