Tools and Techniques in Quality Design and Control of products and Services

Tools and Techniques in Quality Design and Control of products and Services

Review and Discussion Questions

2. What is process management? What are the three types of activities that it comprises?

5. Explain the four principal activities of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS).

7. Explain the benefits of the quality function deployment approach. How does it help organizations to design better products and services?

10. How does the design of a service process differ from designing a manufactured good? Explain the factors that one must consider for a good service design.

16. Search the Internet for John Grout’s Poka-Yoke Web site. Read several of the interesting articles available there and write a report on the information you discover.

21. Describe the operational problems that are created by excessive variation.

Process management is defined broadly as a business model/approach that is systematic; structuring processes in an organization to be more efficient and dynamic in adapting to changing business environment (Rouse, 2011). It is a significant phenomenon both in the business and manufacturing processes with the core function of improving the activities that embody various processes. It involves three crucial activities that include planning and designing, implementation and the monitoring procedures (Rouse, 2011). In planning the management, identifies the critical functions to increase process effectiveness that aligns the expected outcome to the goals of the organization. It gets concurrently undertaken with designing the processes to be efficient in structure in utilization of resources (including human and financial) with a reduction of associated workflow disconnections and losses. In implementation or execution stage the managers complete the establishment of the processes that involve the use of improved systems such as information technologies and computation-systems.


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